Monday, 8 April 2013

CING April Meetup

Earlier today I went to the Brew Dog bar for my second CING [Creative Individuals Networking Group] meetup. I'd like to say I was a little more prepared this time, to which I was. However, I didn't charge my computer up enough, so I couldn't show as much of my work as I'd like.

Networking cards I got.
Like some meetups, you write your name on a sticker. I thought I'd draw a cat's head on mine for a bit of a laugh, [seeing as that's what I'm called] and see how people reacted when they wanted to know my name.
It ironically worked in my favor. One person that I spoke to there said she would remember me now because of that. Other people thought it was funny and witty.

The event at the Brew Dog bar in Manchester. I'm in the middle [Link].
The event didn't seem as busy as last time, but I made my way around the room feeling more confident in myself. In the end, I had a good talk and laugh with some of the people there.
Having no cards yet, I gave out sticky notes with my details on to people instead. I spoke to someone who said they were working on projects that may need some animators help with. Another told me of a group I could join that is specifically for animators/motion designers, etc. Apparently they have a meetup lined up soon [I think]. I need to do more research into it.

Another person I spoke to there, Gerardo Schettino [Link] recommended that I check this out:
Gerardo said it's great for finding film/television related creatives. I think I might sign up.
Overall though, I had a good productive night.

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