Sunday, 7 April 2013

Book Ideas/Inspiration...

About a week ago, I got this book after watching the film 'Hotel Transylvania'.
The book itself contains a lot of character designs of the infamous monsters and ghouls, as well as background concepts.

Reading it, the book roughly goes through the films story with you. What I found particularly interesting was it talked of the relationships the characters have with each other.
For instance, Dracula and his daughter Mavis have a similar cord with my characters Red and Wolf.
The book said that Dracula emotionally grounds Mavis from leaving home because he refuses to acknowledge that she's grown up. In turn, Mavis doesn't want to leave her farther for worry of how he'll cope without her, despite her dreams to see the world.

With my characters, there's a power shift between them when their situation changes. In the beginning, Red dismisses wolf's behavior toward her as smoke and no fire. Feeling in control, she then plants a seed in his mind, convincing him not to each her. Doing as she says, Red then presents Wolf with his award, only for him to act up, rendering Red powerless in the scenario [can't tell all of the story yet].

Also, the book features some character designs of Wayne the Werewolf by Carter Goodrich. I thought his work could help me be inspired:

To see more of his work, here's the link to his website:

I also had a quick read of this, hoping it would shed some more light or potiental ideas on the tale [the title caught my attention].
It went a bit deep into the psychology of the story, and had some poems and illustrations about Red and Wolf. I didn't find it particular useful for my project, but I'm not knocking it either. I don't think I gave it enough time to decide properly, but it was interesting. Maybe I need to give it another read because of the power struggle the characters share.

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