Sunday, 7 April 2013

Red Riding Hood: Varied Stories

So many posts I've wrote today have been long overdue!
A month ago, I made a poll and questionnaire about the Red Riding Hood tale.
I asked the public:
  • What they remembered about the story, which variation they heard and/or preferred.
  • Given that the scenario in the story could change, how would they want Red and Wolf to behave and interact with each other.
  • What kind of personality traits would the public want to see from Red and Wolf. Was Red smart? Mouthy? Feisty? Was Wolf cowardly? Egotistical? Dim?, etc.
These were the following results below:

A problem with the questionnaire now however, is I can't access the answers unless I upgrade my account. Thankfully, I read the answers the public wrote a month ago and mostly understand what they remember and wanted.
  • The majority remembered the version where the wolf was stuffed with stones.
  • They wanted Red to be smart and mouthy and I think for Wolf to be easily irritated and comical.
The generic idea behind this was so I could get a better understanding of what the public remember and what they would preferably want in terms of the characters' performances.
I found this was helpful and at the same time, a little irrelevant to the storyboard I have now. Still, I've not finished it yet, so these answers may come in handy at a later date.

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