Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Studio Hemisphere Visit

Yesterday, I went to the Northern Quarter in Manchester to visit Studio Hemisphere (Link).
It was nice and relaxed when I got there. Three other people from my college attended this visit too. Creative Director Grant Windridge and two of his other co-workers guided us through the work they recently did.
Creative Director, Grant Windridge
He showed us the Manchester Metrolink Carts Designs. The blue carts basically needed re-vamping, and Hemisphere were commissioned to do so. They didn't have any say in it's physical exterior, but rather it's design.
They came up with the yellow carts we know today. They said they wanted to use some bright, positive colours like yellow. I liked that they also integrated the dot visuals, so it would look good when the cart was in motion, look right, appropriate.

Hemisphere also had to redesign every Metrolink advertisement. I like how they've retained a sense of continuity across all the works using the same colour schemes and visuals.

When Grant finished showing us their' work, we asked them questions and advice on work experience/placements, how to approach a studio, etc.
They said to keep working hard, as it is more competitive finding a job nowadays. To try and stand out from the crowd, but not pull any crazy stunts like throwing a brick (with a business card/details attached) through a window.
Before we left, Grant gave us each the studio's business card.

Their' business card

It was lovely being there, the people were lovely too, had a good giggle with them over work. The studio felt a little like a flat, nice and cozy in once area, the other office work space. I think I'd like to visit again in future.

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