Thursday, 2 May 2013

Noise Festival: Work Experience So Far (Post 2)

I know I've already posted a version of this out, but that was whilst I've been working there for the first few days. I thought it was important to post a 'here and now' train of thought over my work experience.
I'm doing another one now (not just for work experience evidence on my blog) because I can now say this information without worrying about spilling any beans. That and I've been really busy with college work.

I'm really enjoying my time at NOISE, and I intend to keep doing work experience with them for as long as I can, even if it's once a week.
  • They've helped me do some work experience.
  • I've learned what it's like to be in a working environment and how to conduct myself in such.
  • They're great people. I can have a laugh with them over projects, explore different ideas and help create content that is relevant to my study and beneficial for them.
  • As I've mentioned before, I've learned to be more cautious about releasing information relevant to events they host, etc.
There are times when I'm a little bit left to my own devices, but I can ask for help if I really need it. I think this is good though anyway, as it's taught me to be a little less reliable on others, and be more confident in my own abilities.

 The images below are credits to everyone who has been involved making things happen behind the scenes at NOISE (without trying to blow my horn), including me.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hopes and Fears and Opportunities

In this last year of my course, I have found it to be challenging, stressful and fun.
It has pushed me out of my bubble a little. I had to find work experience and go to networking gatherings on my own. That was a big thing for me. I guess I was worried about rejection and my work not being good enough.
I managed to do it somehow, and now I've gained a little more confidence in myself and my practise. My CV has also benefitted from this.

Aside from our Degree Show coming up, what worries me now is the uncertainty of my future.
I want to work in a multidisciplinary studio that entails animation, graphic design, photography and so on. I'd like to work somewhere locally to start out with like Manchester, not somewhere miles away.
I'm not personally ready to uproot to anywhere yet, but I'm not ruling it either. I think I need to gain more experience in the working environment.

I'm hoping when I've graduated, I can find a work placement/apprenticeship/job in animation/art. If not, have an art related job. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, nor be too choosey about what type of place I work, because of the current economic climate.

I'm trying to be a dabbler too, in hopes that'll present me more art opportunities. In my spare time, I do photography and try to further develop my photoshop skills. I only got a placement at NOISE Festival, by telling them I did a graphic design course prior to what I'm studying now. They didn't have any animation work for me at first, but now I'm trying to update a video showreel of their's when I'm not working on college projects. It's a good place to work at.

Since I began going to network gatherings, I have currently compiled 36 connections on Linked In, attained a dozen cards and met some really great people. Also, I think I have some potential freelance work opportunities lined up after graduation.
I also have a new-found love for traveling. Seeing studios in other countries and learning of different cultures was amazing, I loved every minute of it. Kind of wished I stayed longer.

I also need to improve my social skills when it comes to presentations, as I can get quite nervous. My confidence dips, I'll stutter a little and mumble. I'm not used to it. I think I prefer working in the shadows.  I guess it's because I have a reserved nature and don't like being in the spot light. I know some practice will address this issue, but I find it hard to speak to people sometimes as it is anyway. This is another reason why I want to get some work experience.

I hope to continue improving my social and Adobe skills, and become a better, professional animation practitioner.

Portfolio Review: The Neighbourhood

A few hours ago, I had a portfolio review at The Neighbourhood (Link) with Junior Designer Steven Swanborough

My Vimeo: Link

'BBC Channel Ident' - He liked the different typefaces, thought they were chosen well.
'When Harry and Jack' - Thought it was funny, that I got the message across.
'Tree Man' - Asked if I hand drew (with a tablet) every frame in the animation and liked it.
'YCF Lego Animation' - Asked how and what I used to animate it.
'Red and Wolf' - Thought it was really good.

Steve said I have a good variety of work and really liked it.
That it's good to be a generalist. Overall, he thought I could potentially walk into a job with my current work, but said I should also keep a lookout for freelance/placement work too.

He gave us a lot of advice, saying we were approaching the Industry in the right way. That we have to really put ourselves out there and work hard to get noticed, really stand out.
He suggested we could do some more networking before our Degree Show. That studios in Manchester talk to each other, they're a close community. So by getting our name/work around, be it freelance, placement work,etc, we'll really give ourselves a chance/start into this area of work.

He asked if we would like to work in a studio. I said yes, I would love to! I hope I can when I graduate, or soon after.

I really enjoyed being there. I wanted to see more of the studio. I had a good laugh with them too. I hope to pop back again soon in the future. Steve said I could send him stuff when we do graduate and that he'll be at our Degree show.
I'm really happy and thankful for my review.