Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Portfolio Review: The Neighbourhood

A few hours ago, I had a portfolio review at The Neighbourhood (Link) with Junior Designer Steven Swanborough

My Vimeo: Link

'BBC Channel Ident' - He liked the different typefaces, thought they were chosen well.
'When Harry and Jack' - Thought it was funny, that I got the message across.
'Tree Man' - Asked if I hand drew (with a tablet) every frame in the animation and liked it.
'YCF Lego Animation' - Asked how and what I used to animate it.
'Red and Wolf' - Thought it was really good.

Steve said I have a good variety of work and really liked it.
That it's good to be a generalist. Overall, he thought I could potentially walk into a job with my current work, but said I should also keep a lookout for freelance/placement work too.

He gave us a lot of advice, saying we were approaching the Industry in the right way. That we have to really put ourselves out there and work hard to get noticed, really stand out.
He suggested we could do some more networking before our Degree Show. That studios in Manchester talk to each other, they're a close community. So by getting our name/work around, be it freelance, placement work,etc, we'll really give ourselves a chance/start into this area of work.

He asked if we would like to work in a studio. I said yes, I would love to! I hope I can when I graduate, or soon after.

I really enjoyed being there. I wanted to see more of the studio. I had a good laugh with them too. I hope to pop back again soon in the future. Steve said I could send him stuff when we do graduate and that he'll be at our Degree show.
I'm really happy and thankful for my review.

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