Monday, 24 June 2013

All done...What's next?

Hey people!
Many apologies for not writing on here sooner. Been more than a busy bee.
I'm gonna sum up what I've been up too.

First off, my blog needed least I think it needed it. I'm trying to maintain a consistent look throughout what mediums I use on the net, like twitter and cargo [Twitter still needs changing].
That way, I reckon people will be able to identify me more easily when web browsing.
The only themes that were the same were the colour tones I chose: black, white and green.

Also, I have made my business cards now. I had to get them ready for my degree show a few weeks ago. I wanted a simple concept that [again] people can identify [and hopefully relate it back to me].
I did something similar with the sticker name tags you get at networking events. Instead of writing my name, I drew a crude-looking flat cat head and people found it amusing.

My business card concept. Just wanted something simple.

The degree show took some time to set up, more or less for others depending on what they had to do.
During this time, I had a week left to finish:
  •  My Red Riding Hood 'Sainsbury's Advert' - FMP [Final Major Project].
  • A video of the 'making of' Red Riding Hood 'Sainsbury's Advert' - FMP.
  • A showreel to sum up my best work.
  • Hand in three other separate animation projects from this/previous two years. These would be featured in the degree show.
  • Cut out, Photoshop and print off the character design concepts I made for my FMP.
Thankfully, I managed to finish these before the deadline. Any spare time I had was used to help out with anything else for the show. As usual, some people were stressed or worried, but everything turned out great or 'Ripe' in the end. The show proceeded without a hitch and everyone had a brilliant time.

Images of what and where my degree show was about in college.
The show is now being moved to MadLab in Manchester for two days, opening this Thursday and Friday [I believe]. At first I was worried that my work wouldn't make the cut, because I went to Ireland with some of my family last week. It was a pre-planned trip arranged months ago [I'll write more about it in another post].
Thankfully when I went into college today, I was told my work can still be featured in the show. So that'll keep me a bit busy this week.

After this, all I need to really think about aside from finding a job, is graduation. This will take place next month and I can't wait. Something tells me there will be laughter and tears, at least a few anyway.

Overall Thoughts about finishing college/uni
It just feels surreal at the moment. You could say I feel like I've woken up in someone else's life.
All the stress of trying to finish my college work was like having 'tunnel vision'. Once I finished it all, the stress dissipated. But as this weight leaves my shoulders, another seems to fall on them. Though I've [will] gained a degree, the uncertainty of getting a job scares me a little. With the way things are at the moment, I think it will be utter luck finding a job that I'm qualified to do.
I am without a safety net for the first time in a long time.
I'm also excited, because of the prospects that are out there. I'll just have to keep looking and see what is ideal for me.

I will keep writing updates on my blog of what I'm up to, interested in, etc. It has become an integral part of me, being able to express what I know, learn and love in my field of study. I hope to continue this for as long as I can :)

What else have I been doing? 
On the 13th of June, I went to a graduate recruitment fair held at the Armitage Center in Manchester Link. I went to see if there were any potential jobs or internships in animation or anything design related.
Unfortunately there was none.