Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mackinnon & Saunders Studio Visit!

A good few hours ago, I visited the Mackinnon & Saunders Studio with my little sisters and friend Charlie.
There we were met by Peter Saunders, who gave us a tour around and showed us some of the puppets.

When he showed us some of the puppets, I asked how long does it take to create them from conception to finished product. He said the process could take months. That finalized character designs need approval before they can begin the process of physically making them. And each character made will need several duplicates.
It's a lengthy but rewarding process. 'There's never a dull moment here'.

 Left: Peter uses a kind of screwdriver/allen key to change Emily's (The Corpse Bride) facial expressions.
Right: Peter asks us if we recognize any of the puppets. We sure did! :)

 Left: Me holding Frank from 'The Koala Brothers'. 
Right: Me holding the original cat from 'Postman Pat'.

Left: Charlie holding Victor from 'The Corpse Bride'. 
Right: My sisters holding 'The Koala Brothers'.

To see the rest of the pictures I took, click this: Mackinnon & Saunders Studio Visit

The visit was fantastic! I'd definitely go back again, my sisters and friend really enjoyed it.
Peter and the staff at M&S were great, they were very funny and entertaining.
Thank you so much for having us guys! :D

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Revamp! Updates of Design Work, etc.

Hello my fellow bloggers/readers! :D

Many apologies for not posting anything in soooo long. I've been working my butt off trying to find a permanent job, update my current portfolio work and revamp my online platforms - [have a consistent colour/design that viewers will recognise as my own work].

Here's the latest work I've been working on:
  •  I have revamped the blog!
As I previously wrote above, I thought the blog could do with a tweak in it's design layout.
I got some really great ideas from the website Beautiful Solutions.
As a result, my blog looks a lot more slicker.
  • I've changed my logo!

    I wasn't entirely happy with the previous design, so I thought I'd change it up a bit, or at least simplify it. I still liked the Pictogramme idea and I wanted to keep the cat theme in it somewhere.
    So I came up with the design above.
    I feel happier with this design. I think it conveys my idea better than the last one.
    Even though I had business cards previously made, I think I should have some more made with this current design.
    • Uploaded my first freelance animation work!

    The day after I graduated from University in July 2013, I began my first freelance job for a company called 'Linked Training Solutions'.
    They wanted some animations that made viewers aware of child grooming and exploitation.

    I could only show 30 seconds of each animation. But to view the work fully, the company will put it on their' website. As to when that will be, I'm not sure yet. I'll try to find out at a later date.

    Overall Experience:
     It has been an interesting experience working with LTS.
    The staff there are some of the nicest people you could ever hope to work with.
    With this being my first animation job, I agreed to do the work for a fixed price. I also needed the experience at the time.
    It has felt a little strange in some ways too. I might see them once in a blue moon to discuss the briefs and work in the office. The rest of the time I have worked from home.
    I think it was strange because I'm normally used to working with tight deadlines, but these animation works have had relaxed deadlines.
    • I've updated my showreel.

    I wanted to tweak the previous video and add the latest work I did for LTS.
    I also changed the background audio to incompetech, as I didn't have permission/rights to use the previous song. It was used temporarily and I didn't fancy getting into trouble :/
    You can use most of the audio from incompetech as long as you credit the artist: Kevin MacLeod.
    • My puppy video blew up big!

    I posted of my English Bull Terrier and her puppies on YouTube a couple of months ago, and it got a load of over 20,000 views!! O_O
    I never thought it would get so much attention. Unfortunately, my other animation videos don't seem to fair much with views.
    But I'm not entirely happy with them anyway. I've been meaning to pull them down and update them with my latest logo. If anything, this is something I wish YouTube would do with it's videos. Let users replace the files like one would do with Vimeo files. That way likes, views and comments aren't forever lost. There isn't that nonsense of deleting and re-uploading.
    Getting back to my animation videos, perhaps I've not advertised them well enough online? - Like sharing them on the right website platforms?

    I guess I'll figure it out sooner or later.
    I never seem to have much time on my hands lately, always busy working it would seem <:P