Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Work Experience & Spare Time Work/Learning

Hi people!
I've been quite busy yet again. Here's what I've been up to:

Work Experience!
During March I did four weeks worth of work experience as a Motion Designer for 'Future', a Design/Animation studio based in Warrington, UK:

I figured I should get more experience, see what it's actually like to work in a studio environment with live projects and deadlines, and actually learn a thing or two.
It reminded me of college in a way. It was nice to be back in a creative space, using the Adobe programmes once again. I loved working there so, the time just quickly flew by.

I became re-acquainted with Adobe Illustrator, and I'm glad of it. I forgot how much I loved using the pen tools to ink. I use them a lot in Photoshop, but not so much in Illustrator till now. 

Whilst at Future, I worked on two animations/films.
One was called 'RPAssure' (film), the other 'Cogent' (animation).
My responsibilities consisted of generating illustrated movable components that would later get animated in After Effects.
I also had to tweak shot footage, re-align recorded audio to the footage and add titled text.
There was a fair bit of work involved, but I loved every minute of it. I was practically glued to the computer and reminded a few times that it was lunch, haha! :P

 I even got a free mug!

Before I left, I asked for some feedback on my performance at Future, and my portfolio/website. They were happy with how I worked on the projects and said they were more than happy to be a reference for me when I find a job.
I was advised a great deal of things too, such as:
  • Create a PDF CV - make it look more design like, add my logo, etc.
  • Perhaps get back into Graphic Design - couldn't hurt to.
  • Design wise, keep everything consistent on social platforms - easier to be identified on the net.
Thankyou for everything guys! It was great fun at Future, will miss you all! :D

Spare Time Work/Learning!
After finishing my placement at Future, I returned to my computer and books, trying to tackle Flash again. 
I decided I wanted to make some hand drawn animations in Flash first, before moving on to rigged characters. So I animated myself as a cartoon head, going through a handful of emotions. For me, it's an experimental piece. 
I've not finished it yet, I want to add some sound to it before putting it up fully on my Vimeo/Youtube. I just hope I don't freak people out too much when they watch it. You could say it's a short animation of myself going through PMS, haha! :D

I collated some footage and screen recordings of the cartoon me throughout the process. I should hopefully have a making of uploaded soon.
Like many people, I encountered a problem or two with Flash to begin with. I nearly finished drawing out the outlines when Flash decided to chew up the file beyond repair - making me have to start all over again. I wasn't happy, but it could have been worse. I exported a few copies of what I previously made on video files, basically making me retrace my drawings in Flash. I only found out after my file literally died that I had to save it as a xfl file - not a fl file through online forums. Oh well, can't say I didn't have a learning curve. <:P

At first I REALLY hated Flash. But it seems to be growing on me the more I learn about the programme, so we may yet become friends. I'm enjoying what I do and learn from it though, and I'm aided by a 'Flash for Dummies' Guide, so I shouldn't steer too far wrong. Just need to keep using it.