Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Flora's Flowers: Corporate Design Project

This was inspired from a job interview for an animator/graphic designer role a month before. I didn't get the position though as the graphic design side of my work wasn't strong enough.
Looking back on my portfolio then, I understood the interviewer's decision. I had applied for the role but hadn't expected a such a quick response. In a panic, I prepped together what work I had and brought my graphics work dating from 2008.
Having studied animation for quite some time at university, I spent very little time on anything graphic design related. Still I thought it was better for me to bring something rather than nothing at all. At least show what I was capable of creating from 2008.

Despite not getting the role, I wanted to know how to improve my portfolio. So I asked my interviewer for feedback, he told me that I lacked corporate design work.
From then, I decided I would try my hand at Corporate design. So I based this brief on a pretend florist business called ‘Flora’s Flowers’. I chose the name Flora because it means Flower, and the name originates from the Roman Goddess of Flowers.

I wanted to take this project further by animating the logo I designed. That and I wanted to keep in-touch with my animation skills.
I like all the colour schemes in this animation, but my favorite would have to be the white, green and black. I didn't chose this though as it reminded me of Flower arrangements for funeral processions only.
Instead, I opted for the yellow, green, grey and white colour scheme for the corporate design collective visuals you see at the top of this post.
Still I think the other colour scheme stands out better.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Evergrad: Posters

Evergrad, a graduate recruitment agency came to me and asked if I could design some posters for them.
They wanted the designs to reflect their website: www.evergrad.com.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Markel: Logo Project

For this brief, I decided to create a logo design for an imaginary hair & beauty salon called Markel.
I tried to simultaneously incorporate the salons three key elements in the design: Hair, Manicures and Massages.