Tuesday, 20 January 2015

YO Sushi! Drawing Competition

The other day, I went to YO Sushi with my boyfriend to get my breakfast for the next day when I saw this competition:
You basically have to create an awesome illustration for a chance to win a £100 worth of sushi. Figured why not give it a go.
I wanted to inject some culture from the country's origin of sushi [Japan] into my design. The first thoughts that came to me was Kabuki and Noh, two types of drama performances deriving from medieval Japan hundreds of years ago.
In Noh performances, actors wear masks to represent certain characters, be it a woman, demon or deity.
Kabuki is more melodramatic in comparison and actors wear makeup instead.
To me both styles of drama performances are beautiful.






As the project went one, I veered more to Noh mask designs as their colourful facial features captivated my attention most.
I especially love the demonic and god masks like Kitsune [a fox demon], Tengu [Bird Demon] and Fudo [A god spirit made of fired clay that wards off bad circumstances].
I opted for the Fudo design as again, the colours are very striking.

My entry of a Fudo mask for the competition.

I would love to do more of these as a series for the competition if given the time to.
I've not yet heard who has won this month, but it was still a fun project for me to do.

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