Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Re-Vamped Again!

I have altered my logo and social platform designs again! Hopefully these changes will be more permanent than the previous ones. 

A evolution-like progression of my logo design from my first mock up to it's current one.

 Left: Business card design from 2013. Right: Business card designs for 2015.

After looking at my previous business card design from 2013, I thought it could do with an update.
So I redrew the cat pictogram logo and the typeface I made into illustrator. 
I still wanted to use the pictogram, yet incorporate elements of hand-drawn/made works as this is my favorite medium to use in animation and design.
I like them all, but I favor the 1st and 3rd designs best. I think I’ll use the 3rd design when I'll get them printed.