Friday, 1 May 2015

Animation Tests & Feedback

Hey people!
I've been tweaking the portfolio [as usual] and creating some animation experiments.

A few months ago, I went to Motion North in Manchester to meet my old tutor and college classmates for a catchup and some advice on what I should do/make next.
I showed them my Thomas Cook animation [below] and they were impressed considering I never used Trapcode Effects before.

Pixel Inspiration assigned a digital signage animation brief to me.
I was requested to create a 15-20 second animation that implemented Trapcode effects and help promote holiday package deals Thomas Cook had to offer.

Created: March 8th 2015

The guys recommended that I next use the Duik tool plugin for my next project in After Effects [It's free to download].
So I decided to create a puppet, rig and animate it. I based my character as Joaquin Mondragon from The Book Of Life. I had a difficulty trying to mask the limbs and be able to move them as whole items rather than several objects. But I figured a way around it eventually and came up with this test below:

Created: April 23rd 2015

I had a lot of fun making Joaquin move around.
I was so inspired by The Book Of Life animation and its credits animation, that I wanted to see if I could produce something similar yet it be my own work.

The Book Of Life Credits animation, created by Justin Harder:
Just beautiful!

And this test is part of a bigger project I have in mind. I just hope I have enough time to execute it before the next Motion North event.

I've also been doing freelance animation work so I've had very little time to do much else.
I want to publicize what I've produced so far, but I can't yet until I get the A-okay from the client first.
So while I'm waiting and working, I'm creating more of these tests for the portfolio.

On another note, I may have a part-time animation/design role next week!
I think it's just on a trial basis so far, to see if I'm capable of producing the work, but I'm really excited.

I'll write how it goes in my next post, stay tuned! :D